A private K-5 school, dedicated to building your child’s capacity to change the world through fostering a love of learning, an appreciation of diversity and a deep understanding of themselves and others.

Discover The World, Discover Your Joy

All children love to learn and are naturally curious. Unfortunately, they don’t all love school. The problem isn’t the children: it’s how we structure learning. It is vital that we reimagine education and help students become life-long learners with a deep understanding of our complex world.  The global village employs principles and practices for today’s learners and tomorrow’s future leaders. Come join our family of innovators. 

our mission

At the Global Village, your child will be happy, healthy, ready to be creative, think outside the box, navigate interconnected relationships and innovative solutions to problems that seem unsolvable. Your child will seek to understand the complexity of the world and take action to create a thriving local community, country and world.

From Parents

Hear from parents and guardians just like you who trust The Global Village with their child’s education and growth.

“The education at The Village is truly holistic… from high-tech coding classes to mindfulness lessons. Not to mention all the fun and unstructured play, which the latest research emphasizes as being critical in childhood development.”
Sandra C.

Parent, 2019

“My son enjoys learning and is eager to explore. I needed a community that would not only nurture his curiosity, but also spark inspiration.  That’s The Global Village. This is the type of education I wish I had been given as a child.”

Kori A.

Parent, 2020

our Model

At The Global Village, the world is our classroom. Our learners utilize inquiry and project based learning to explore deep questions. The learning is organized by big concepts like sustainability, and good health and wellbeing. Students learn literacy and math skills and then utilize them to answer big questions and to solve complex problems.Our students are exposed to a curriculum that helps them explore some of the biggest challenges facing our planet and some of our biggest opportunities.

our Village

Joy and wellbeing is part of our culture. Education is more than academics and therefore we value and support the development of a healthy mind, body and spirit. We do this through training students in mindfulness, and incorporating social and emotional learning into our curriculum. Students also have physical education everyday and plenty of time to learn through play.


Learning should be joyful, engaging and challenging. Experience education reimagined at The Global Village.