Our Team

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school. It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.” – Albert Einstein

we believe…

  • School should be a joyful place.
  • When a child feels safe, they take risks and learn the most from their mistakes.
  • Compassion and empathy must be nurtured.
  • Learning is a social activity…. so we should do it together.
  • Education is a partnership between the school and the family.
  • Playing and spending time with friends and family outside of school leads to a well rounded, and happy child.
  • Our differences make us stronger.

our Leadership

Danielle Wierzbicki

Head of School

Danielle has been in the field of education for more than 20 years and has been a school leader in 4 different countries across the globe. Danielle has a master’s degree in Education and is currently working toward her doctorate in Education Policy, Organization and Leadership. She is passionate about redesigning school as a place where children look forward to going to every day, where parents always feel welcome, and where all students find their greatness. She has two young boys and is dedicated to providing a joyful and meaningful education for them and all the students at The Global Village.

Caroline Hernandez

Executive Administrative Assistant

Caroline is the Executive Administrative Assistant to the Head of School at The Global Village.She has more than 25 years of experience in the private and public sector combined and most recently served as an attendance clerk and later campus secretary at a local school district for 17 years. In July 2019, Caroline joined The Global Village family and is excited to be part of a team that is passionate about providing children with the tools they need to be successful.

Master Teachers

Bertha Ramirez

Innovation and Math Specialist

Bertha is a certified Pre-K- 6th-grade teacher and also holds a certification in bilingual education and teaching English as a second language. She has taught in the public and private school sector for 14 years and utilizes her math and architecture background to support design thinking and problem-solving skills. She loves working with children and teaching is her passion. She believes in teaching the whole child and finds it rewarding to help each child to reach their maximum potential. Aside from teaching, she enjoys traveling internationally and hiking with her three beautiful children.

Leticia Trimble

Literacy and Language Specialist

Ms. Trimble is a skilled and experienced elementary educator who is certified in regular, bilingual, ESL, and GT for grades Pre-6. She uses her strong background in literacy and language development to ensure every student develops a solid academic foundation and a love of learning. She has 22 years of classroom teaching experience in public and charter schools and holds a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts from Excelsior College, New York, and a Master Reading Teacher Certification from the University of Texas at Arlington. Ms. Trimble is passionate about education and possesses an unwavering commitment to optimizing student and school success. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and hopes to eventually visit all 50 states.